Our terms and conditions

The information contained in our offer is based on information provided to us. We endeavor to obtain as complete and correct information as possible about property data and contractual partners. Unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for their correctness and completeness.

Our offers are subject to change and non-binding and are only intended for the recipient. We would like to point out that for offers that are passed on to third parties, the recipient can be liable up to the amount of the full commission.

We may act for both the seller and the buyer in return for payment.

The agency fee or proof fee is due when a purchase contract or rental contract is concluded.

The client is also obliged to pay a fee in the case of a replacement or follow-up business, i.e. if our rental offer results in a purchase, the buyer shall pay a commission of 5.95% including VAT of the purchase price. If, instead of the purchase, a rental results, the local agency fee for the rental has to be paid.

Please understand that you can only contact the seller or landlord and view the interior through us.

The acceptance of these offers, queries or inspections require the acceptance of our general terms and conditions. Oral agreements only apply provided that they have been confirmed by us in writing.

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