feinRAUM Immobilien Team

Daniela Wolpert - real estate agent and owner

Schon seit über 16 Jahren beschäftige ich mich in Göttingen mit der Immobilienberatung. Durch regelmäßige Fortbildungen habe ich mein Expertenwissen nach und nach erweitert. Wichtig ist mir, Sie mit bestem Wissen und Gewissen kompetent zu beraten und Lösungen für die – nicht immer unkomplizierten – Facetten der Immobilienvermittlung aufzuzeigen.

Die passenden harmonisierenden Anbieter und Interessenten zusammenzubringen und für beide Seiten das bestmögliche Ergebnis zu erzielen – das ist es, was mir täglich am meisten Freude macht!

Stephanie Brehm Internal sales management

I joined the feinRAUM team in September 2021 and have been head of internal sales with heart and soul ever since. Every day I look after our customers, send out exposés, schedule viewing appointments, organize sales documents and am always open to requests and concerns.

My long-term stays in English-speaking countries help me a lot to look after our international customers comprehensively. Working together with Ms. Wolpert and Ms. Zöpfgen brings new fun every day and makes time go by in an instant.

Lisa Zöpgen - Annual intern

Variety and challenging tasks - in search of it - an exciting and varied internship for grade 11 - I came across Ms. Wolpert and her brokerage office.
Even without any knowledge, the beginning was not particularly difficult for me, because you convey your knowledge competently and understandably and you learn quickly from mistakes.

Their high quality standards are not always easy to meet, but that makes every day a special one, because you are constantly learning a lot of new things and always improving, so that the result is a positive one in the end. I am also grateful to have a colleague like Ms. Brehm, because with her you always have someone to laugh about and you support each other if someone gets stuck, which makes for a good working atmosphere.